When we lived in the big city, I got hooked on clipping coupons and grocery store hopping for the best deal.  I became obsessed with watching the sales, and getting the best bang for my coupon buck through that wonderful double and tripling process at Kroger and Tom Thumb.  I excelled at couponing; I really did.  I’d cut my grocery bill by at least half, and sometimes I’d get food and toothpaste for free!  True Story.  It was amazing, and, not to mention, superfun.

But, I can’t take all the credit.  I did enlist the help of an amazing website.  www.grocerygame.com

By subscribing to this website, I learned some tricks of the grocery stores, and when to shop by following the coupon and sale cycles (yes, there is a pattern!).  For example, the best days to grocery shop are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  The sales are fresh, and the shelves are stocked.  By shopping this way, the goal is to keep a well stocked and cycled pantry to “shop” in for weekly meals.  There was also an array of other money-saving tips at my fingertips, just waiting for me to use.

Then we moved to Decatur, and I mourned my grocery stores and weekly couponing extravaganza.  I tried “comping” the city sales, but without the doubling and tripling part of the plan, it just took some of the pizazz out of the party. 

I still clip coupons.  I just can’t help myself, and I probably save a measley 10% on my grocery bill, so that’s good for a night on the town at the very least.  But, today I got that rush again as I stopped by Kroger on my way home from work.  My initial total:  $308.52; my total after that infamous “card” and coupons:  $195.23.  I’m a little out of practice, but it was still pretty superfun.

And, might be worth the drive.  :)

Edit from Comments:  Yes, I participated in the four week trial, and after that paid $10/month for 2 grocery store lists (both Kroger and Tom Thumb).  I know some Wal-Marts are listed now, and some things have changed on the site since I was a day-to-day member.  I might have to re-sign up for the free trial.  :)