disc doctor

About a year ago, our Guitar Hero Wii Game got scratched.  It was a sad day in the Scroggins house, one filled with tears and whimpers.  Now, I have a super-crafty-Mr.-Fix-It kind of husband, who immediately smeared Crisco on the CD to repair the damage.  While it might sound a little odd, I have to admit that this strategy has worked on many many occassions in our scratched CD past.  This time, it didn’t.  So, I suggested the Skip Doctor.  I don’t remember how I became wise with information that this product existed, but I knew Radio Shack carried it, and it would cost us about $40.  $40 that, according to my number-crunching spouse, seemed to be a gamble.  But, I persisted, citing that if it didn’t work, we’d only be out the $40 (less than the cost of a new game) and if it DID work, we’d still only be out less the cost of a new game, and the game would work.  On top of that, I’d be hailed a genius.  So, we made the purchase.

And, let’s just say, I’m a genius.

It’s amazing.  We repaired our Guitar Hero and Mario Cart games, which dried up those pitiful Wii-deprived tears, and I have faith it will work on movies and audio CDs too.  In addition to the Crisco smearing method, we now have this product to repair our precious media, and plan to be tear-free for many days to come.  That just makes everyone happy.