In the October issue of Family Fun magazine, there was a section on how to deal with allowance.  One such idea, submitted by a mom, was to keep track of each kid’s allowance in a ledger instead of actually giving cash to the kids.  By doing this, the kids always have their “money” with them (on the ledger or notebook stashed in the Mom Bag), and then can be held accountable to “use their own money” when out and about with the family.  She also noted in this increasingly cashless society, having a “mommy debit card” was good practice for having a mental picture of a bank account.

To me, this solution was GENIUS.  We are consistently inconsistent with allowance, always forgetting to get the $5-10 cash at the end of the week to pay the little hoodlums, to instill a pattern of saving, and of course, to put some back for charity.  But, this system gives me a tool to work with to be more consistently consistent, which is probably important when raising future productive members of society.  Plus, I decided to put a little note on my phone instead of an actual notebook to ensure that I have their funds readily available at all times.  The “Mommy Debit Card” is now set up and ready for use.

I just love good ideas.