It’s October, and time for all things Orange!  One of my favorite Fall things is making my kids pose around a mountain of pumpkins.  They love it, too.  Or maybe they just humor me, I’m not sure.  I figure it’s the least they can do; I did give them life.  :)  We actually took my daughter to our local pumpkin patch when she was just 4 months old.  She was pumped too; you can tell by the expression in her little baby eyes.  I think it was the first documentation of her “Mom, are you really doing this?” face.   Since that first field trip, it’s been a little tradition to make a field trip to a pumpkin patch or two so I can get those great pictures, the kids can pick out their Great Pumpkins, and we all can catch a hay ride or two.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch:  This was the first Pumpkin Patch I ever visited.  I think it’s “the” pumpkin patches of all pumpkin patches, and it has a ton to offer:  bounce houses, hay rides, wooden cut-outs, hay mazes, train toys, and HUGE MOUNTAINS of beautiful orange pumpkins, all stacked up for your photographic needs.

The Pumpkin Express:  This one is in Argyle, and lends itself more to the “haunting” side of pumpkins.  There are a few more Halloween decorations and fun sound effects through the different sections of the park.  There are also bounce houses, mazes, but also, a pirate ship, and a superfun train that surrounds the entire Pumpkin Village. 

Blackcreek Pumpkin Patch:  If you’d like to stick closer to home, you can visit this pumpkin patch, just past town off FM730.  Even though it’s smaller in scale, we had a great time petting the goats, jumping in the bounce houses, picking out pumpkins, and of course, going on a hay ride.  I think I see a pattern here with the necessity of a hay ride in any pumpkin patch field trip!

Pick one, or pick them all!  But sometime this month, you HAVE to pile your kids in front of some amazing orange gourds and capture those precious Kodak moments!  They’ll be great to have for Senior Congrats Pages or that Wedding Video Collage coming in their future.