Recently, I was talking with some girlfriends about sibling relationships.  We all crave those sweet moments of calm and love between brothers and sisters.  We’ve even witnessed COMPASSION, GRATITUDE, and SYMPATHY between them.  I know it’s difficult to believe, but there are stories out there to prove it.  Unfortunately, we witness hate and discontent seemingly more frequently than brotherly love or sisterly compassion.  So, we set about thinking of ways to enhance the positive and minimize the negative. 

Here are some things we came up with:

-List 10 nice things about your brother or sister everyday! (or maybe just those days were the love is REALLY hard to see).

-Be a team.  I refer to our house as Team Scroggins all the time, especially when there is vocal discontent about doing chores or specific unrest between siblings.  Ready….Break!

-Post a positive quotation by the kids’ beds for them to recite before bedtime.  Before long, they’ll have the quote memorized, and you can call on it anytime to remind them about being “nice and loving.”

-Implement secret acts of kindness within your house.  Secrets rock.  Ask any kid, and to use them to foster love and joy between your kids?  Genius.

-Ask siblings to support eachother in their extracurricular activties (soccer games, baseball games, 4-H competitions, etc.).

-Rose, Thorn, Bud

-Let siblings read to eachother.  It’s always a kodak moment to see your oldest reading to your youngest, and they think it’s pretty cool, too.

What are your ideas?  How is your family “One for all, and all for One?”