This weekend, we had a family date at the movies to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  My husband was skeptical of the “weird” plot and computer animation.  He lobbied hard for Surrogates instead, even citing that both movies played simultaneously, implying he could just slip into the other theater as the movies started.  But, when I reminded him about the “family” part of the date, he conceded to seeing the “weird” movie.  Like Surrogates looks super-normal.  Anyway, my daughter was pumped, apparently she’d read the book.  Shocking.  She reads everything.  The boys and I just along for the ride, happy to be out of the house and looking forward to the prospect of popcorn.

But there seriously should have been a warning label on this movie.  It WAS weird!  The premise started off cooky and fun; I laughed out loud at a few of the one-liners and warmed up to the nerdy main character with his plight to invent something wonderful.  The computer animation added a little pizazz to the “special effects,” and some of those illustrations were just plain funny (example: nerdy guy’s dad).  But, as the meat of the story evolved,  I found myself more surprised with each course, and actually, a little grossed out.   At one point, my three-year old crawled up in my lap, hid his face, and asked to go home.  It was THAT weird!  I seriously wondered if my Diet Coke had been spiked.

I’ll admit, I didn’t do my homework on this one.  Parenting Lesson #419 for me.  Next time, I won’t be so relaxed with a PG rating or “based on a book” plot.  But, the popcorn was good, and the family time was great.  The older kids thought the movie was hilarious, and I never turn down a good snuggle with one of my hoodlums.  But, I think I owe my husband a date night now, and (ugh) he’s going to get to pick the movie.  I’m bracing for more weird.