I’m no Martha Stewart.  You may or may not have realized that by now, but it’s true.  I’ve tried to embrace some Martha-esque qualities, but they just haven’t taken.  The best I can do is buy a copy of Martha Stewart Living about once a year and realize my homemaking inadequacies in abundance. 

Because of my shortcomings, I have to problem-solve through some pretty basic home economic situations.  My most recent issue involved a wonderfully cute bohemian sundress, something that fit the mold of the Summer of 2009 Sundress.  You know the type:  long, wacky printed, empire waisted.  It took me a few shopping trips, but I finally found one that captured all the bohemian hippie qualities I love so much.  The last time I wore it was at a superfun festival-something I love almost as much as Bohemian inspired clothing.  I tripped on the long hem, and completely ripped the fabric at the straps-not the straps themselves, but the actual fabric of the dress.  I was absolutely beyond bummed, but because of the elastic smocking at the top of the dress, I thought it might be worth trying to fix.  I hoped that someone with the gift of home economics would come to my rescue, and return my newfound bohemian-festival-going outfit to my wardrobe.

So, I took the dress to the cleaners, Comet Cleaners in Decatur to be exact.  When I was in high school, my Dad always had to have his shirts altered, and I had a vague memory of the cleaners being involved in the process.  I explained my predicament, as well as my lack of Skills.  They accepted the challenge, but promised nothing. 

But!  I picked up my dress Friday afternoon, and it was PERFECT.  The rip was seamlessly sewn back together, and the dress was RESTORED!  As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, the entire cost of the repair?  $2.42!   Amazing.

I may not be Martha.  In fact, half the time I think she’s speaking another language, clouded in home-making terms I feel I should know.  But, I am a problem-solver, and $2.42 for a repair on a wardrobe favorite works for me.