Today was REALLY hard.  I know I REALLY shouldn’t complain, because, as a teacher, I did enjoy the entire week off of work last week.  But today was REALLY, REALLY hard.

I was actually looking forward to the extra week in the holiday season this year because it always seems like we have so much celebrating to do, and so little time to fit it all in (terrible problem to have, I know.)  But today, looking ahead FOUR WEEKS until we break for Christmas, I’m not sure I will manage it all.

This truly is the most wonderful time of year, and it’s because of all the wonderfulness that it was SO VERY hard to hit the books today.  Usually I can compartmentalize my time almost seamlessly between work and school, and sometimes get most of it done, but this time of year my home list is LONG, and honestly, my brain hurts as I switch back and forth.  This is when it would be amazing to have my very own personal assistant just following me around and making all the random things that plop into my brain happen…

Order Christmas Cards

Buy extra tree lights

Look up recipe for staff lunch

Get present for book club

Schedule Christmas Celebration with everyone

Take Christmas picture

Get Christmas smelly candle

Organize Christmas Movie Marathon

Make popcorn

Family Bond–well, I think I could do that one all on my own.  It’s the part that all the other leads up to…if I can just switch back and forth faster!