I know I talk about trying to be organized, and the crazy of our life kind of…all the time.  It’s not the I’m obsessed, it’s more like I’m oppressed by the magnitude of everything that needs to get done every.single.day.  And, believe me, I try to NOT put things on the calendar or to do list, and actually schedule “lazy time” any.time.I.can.  For now, I’ve just decided that Fall is crazy busy because of football (Gig ‘Em!), school, pumpkins, and just the thought of Christmas.  But, I’m hopefully beginning to get a handle on all the lists, calendar entries, and to dos.

Right now, I’m in love with Cozi (www.cozi.com).  I have the app on my phone, my husband’s phone, and my daughter’s phone.  I’m thinking of loading it on anyone’s phone that might have cause to ever pick up one of my children, go to WalMart, or run across a pair of awesome size seven shoe.  The app has a calendar, shopping list, to do list, and journal.  So, I’ve added the places we shop (Wal Mart, Braums, Lowe’s, etc), and keep a running list of what we need.  In addition, I’ve added a list for each family member, and have started keeping a running list of THOSE needs.  AND, I’ve assigned everyone a to do, and keep that as up-to-date as I can.

Now, before you turn me into the OCD police, I must share the best part.

THE APP TALKS TO EVERYONE.  Meaning, as I update any list on my phone, it’s updated on all the other phones with our account.  My husband and daughter can add to the shopping list, to do list, or list of needs as they want.  We’ve started keeping common or repeated calendar events on the calendar, as well as when each kid has a test or project due.

I might just have to have tshirts made.

Try it.  It’s free, and worth all the nerd-out time you might waste.