I got a new purse.

It’s exciting in my world because it’s a small purse, and it’s a name brand.  I haven’t owned a name brand purse since I was in college and of course had no money at all to buy one.  Granted, I didn’t buy this purse–but actually WON it in a drawing, which makes the whole experience just that much more exciting.

I’ve been addicted to the large tote bag since the onset of the diaper bag in my world.  Never in my life have I ever needed so many different types of items as when I entered the world of motherhood.  We all know the crazy that goes into packing the diaper bag:  wipes, diapers, extra clothing, snacks, drinks, extra clothing for mom, toys, books, wallets, more snacks, matchbox cars, polly pockets…I think you get the idea, and any mom out there will not have to try that hard to go right back there.  Since I graduated from the diaper bag, I’ve still had a strange collection of items in my purse:  matchbox cars, snacks, caprisons, play money, ipods, ipads, books, more snacks, McDonald’s toys, crayons…and again, you know what’s in THAT BAG.

I thought that I was doomed to the Big Bag forever, and truly could not comprehend how other moms managed without the GIANT BAG FROM CRAZYTOWN.  But, since this new small bag has come into my life, it’s like a whole new world has opened to me.  I can see in the ENTIRE BAG, from top to bottom, and all the parts in the middle.  It’s not even a little scary to put my hand in the bag and try to find something, because I haven’t introduced the possibility of sticky with a new NO CANDY policy.

I like that policy.

I like knowing that everything in my bag is MINE.  I like that there aren’t toys in my bag.  Or diapers.  Or wipes.  Or snacks.

It feels so grown up.  And clean.

Can I enroll in the Masters Program?  I’ve got this small bag thing down!