“Everyone load up!”

By now, my kids are old enough that when they hear this phrase, they should know to get their stuff, get a drink, and get in the car.  Saturday morning was typical–rushing around to get to a baseball game.  My husband left before me with said baseball player, and I had the leftovers.  So, when I announced for everyone to load up, I assumed they did.


When I got to the game, my son’s friend ran up to me asking for him.  I explained that my awesomely responsible nine-year-old was already here watching the game.


I took a minute to check in with my husband to verify that I had indeed just left a child at home (unknowingly).  After a few chuckles from him and the passers-by, I bolted to the car to go retrieve the lost, lonely boy.

Only, when I got home, the lost and lonely boy had no idea that ne was either lost or lonely.  He was sitting on the couch calmly watching the Texas/OU game, and was completely confused at my disheveled entrance.

I guess he won’t be in therapy for that one.  But, I’ll keep working on it.