I know I speak about the crazy in my life quite often, but in all honesty, I’m constantly amazed at how the level of crazy can just keep getting higher.  I’m a little scared for the future!  I guess each stage of parenthood trains us for the next one–like running a marathon.  We all started with the Couch to 5K, and now we’re on to the next step.  I’m telling you right now though–I’m no Ironman racer, so something is going to have to give before we get to that point.

But seriously, those crazy long nights with the crying babies…were SO hard!

The toddler potty training days were, if possible…EVEN harder!!

The early elementary school days were..maybe not harder…but SO hectic!  (And emotionally draining for this mom who seems to create children that have difficulty earning those positive kudos in kinder!)

And now, early elementary, mid elementary and middle school…WHICH END IS UP?

I need my eleven year old to get a hardship license STAT.  They make those, right?

The scary thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard moms say, “Wait until they are in high school.”  I might be insane by then.