You just had no idea. 

You might remember me discussing our last trip to a Decatur Football game, and the longing my Little Guy had for one of those LITTLE FOOTBALLS.  How much he NEEDED one of those to make his life COMPLETE.  How my explanations of the rules behind those little footballs just sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher droning on and on, and all he could think about was how to GET ONE OF THOSE FOOTBALLS.

Well, tonight, I caught one.

That’s right.  Not only did I acquire one of these little treasures, but I caught it all ON MY OWN.  If ONLY my Little Guy could have seen me in action, I’m sure he would have been even more impressed.  As it was, he was out socializing with the other three and four year olds, no doubt discussing how to get their hands on said footballs.  When he did return to the stands, and I showcased my talents, he was over the moon.  That’s really the only way to describe his subdued excitement.  He looked at me with huge eyes full of awe and wonder at how I could have accomplished such an enormous feat.  The rest of the evening, I was his hero.  He sat next to me, clutching that football and watching the rest of the game.  No more wandering for him; he’d struck gold, and his Mommy was the one who made it happen.

I try, as we all do, to be a fun Mommy everyday.  I put notes in lunches; I put suprise jolly ranchers in backpacks; I plan field trips and parties; I insist on downtime.  Little did I know that my receiver skills would come in handy, and that something seemingly so insignificant would rock someone’s world.

My Little Guy’s all tucked into bed, dreaming of his first soccer game in the morning, and snuggling with his little football tonight.  I’m about to drift off to dreamland myself, basking in the glory of my own accomplishments.