This Friday, my birthday in fact, my first grader has his FIRST SPELLING TEST!!  It really wasn’t that long ago that I was practicing my sixth grader’s first grade spelling tests–it really, really wasn’t.  Besides the time flying factor, it’s confusing to me that my baby can even spell, let alone have a test over such a skill.  I guess it is true that we tend to baby our babies longer, because I vividly remember rolling my eyes when my daughter didn’t immediately know how to spell every word on the list every week.  This week I’m looking at the list and thinking, “TEN??  TEN WHOLE WORDS??  WITH MORE THAN ONE LETTER??  MAN!!  We are getting him ready for the SAT now!”  Which, by the way, I know is a little skewed…just goes to show how far I have either 1-lost all sense of reality, or 2-am holding onto my babies as tight as I can.

I think both might go hand in hand.