It was just over a week ago that my husband and I were reflecting on all the pets that have been part of our family over the years.  During that conversation, we both agreed that three kids plus just one dog and one cat were a perfect mix.  For us, pets are a part of the family. We take them almost everywhere we go, and if we can’t take them with us, we literally make babysitting arrangements.  I know to some it sounds absolutely nuts, but our pets are family.  They even have Christmas Stockings.

Speaking of puppy dog eyes…

Does anyone really just go visit a litter of puppies?  If you can, I’m impressed.  I know better than to try, but my daughter and husband are not so wise.  Last week, they fell victim to those puppy dog eyes once again.  At that hands of some truly cunning cousins, my daughter fell in love with a baby chocolate lab, just shy of six weeks old.  Imagine the cuteness factor.  She then batted her own “I love you Daddy” eyelashes, as she and the puppy snuggled into my husband’s heart.  A few hours later, they were home with the newest member of our family.

They did call and ask my opinion, and I reminded them of our busy schedule, and asked them to ask permission from the resident dog of the family (the one we were just bragging on less than a week ago!).  I guess puppy dog eyes trump…everything else.

So, we’ve established puppy day care.  We are looking into puppy training.  Puppy names are still in negotiation, and we are registering for counseling for the extremely depressed resident pup who is having a difficult time adjusting to his new big brother status.

Life wasn’t crazy enough….good thing we live for crazy.