Long time, no post, I know.  The end of school was a little crazytown for the Scroggins Five, and since then there was an amazing rainstorm that left me without the internets at my house.  You wouldn’t think it would take this long to actually make an appointment to get that fixed, but well…I guess we are in summer slow motion–or summer fast motion depending on how you look at it.  After a week of Baseball Camp and Glee Camp we set out on another Scroggins Road Trip last week.  In fact, I’m still working on laundry and driving around town with a car top carrier on the top of my minivan–yes that’s me if you see it.

But, hopefully all will be fixed today and we will be able to enter the world of technology at our house again, and perhaps I’ll finish up that laundry before running through a sprinkler or having my boys pitch batting practice.  Either way, I’ll be posting more regularly again…in case you missed me.  :)