We finally watched the newest Muppet Movie last weekend.  It was very high on our priority list this year when it was in the theaters, but we just couldn’t make it happen.  But, I must say, it might have been worth the wait.

Both my husband and I grew up (or at least we remember that we grew up) watching the Muppets every week with our families.  We both thought Kermit was awesome.  I honestly didn’t remember all the details of the show until we watched it with our own kids, and the songs, the quotes, the mannerisms–they all came back to me in a rush.  It truly was an amazing show, and now watching it as an adult, I appreciate it so much more than Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, and my all time nonfavorite, Barney.  This Muppet Show actually had character and some grown up humor that I can even (maybe even more so) appreciate now.

Why did this show ever go off the air??

Since last weekend, my kids (the boys anyway) have been on the verge of obsessed.  We’ve tapped into You Tube and watched countless snippets of the Manamana ending, even scoring a Muppet/Star Wars episode.  You can only imagine the excitement with that one.  I’ve visited the amazon.com and shopped for the old movies and even old seasons–all waiting there on my wishlist to purchase over time.  Those Muppets are proud of their work!

They should be.

This show made the family laugh together–and for this family, that is a great way to start the summer.