Tomorrow, we are headed out to Eagle Stadium for the Homecoming Festivities.  I think there is something uniquely special about a Smalltown Homecoming.  The jingle of the mums and garters, the sound of the bands, the sparkles on the dresses, and the smiles on the alumni. 

As a student, I remember looking forward to Homecoming festivities.  We decorated the high school halls, had a bonfire, and sometimes assembled floats for a parade.  All the work and hoopla just added to those special high school memories and friendships.  As a college student, I wanted to come home to at least one game that first year, and I chose Homecoming.  I realized that in some ways Decatur would always be my home, and for me, that was huge.  As a “grown-up,” I’ll admit that we’ve missed more homecomings than we’ve made, but now that we’re back here with our family, we plan on making it a yearly tradition.

I’m looking forward to hearing cowbells bounce off those ridiculously huge mums, and getting caught up in the atmosphere of Smalltown Friday Night.  I have our Decatur Blue washed and ready, and plan on singing along to the school song, knowing we’re living “the stuff in the middle.”