My third grader survived his very first day of official testing today.  After a long night’s sleep, he carefully picked out his books to read after the test, ate a very special Daddy breakfast, and was ready to tackle anything.  I could tell he was nervous, but tried to hug it away the best I could, being the embarrassing mom that I am.

I caught up with him later in the day and he admitted it wasn’t as hard as he’d imagined, but also admitted his brain was TIRED. To him, the questions started out super easy, and by the end were super hard–sounds about right for any test.  We took a few minutes this afternoon to hash and rehash the scary and nonscary parts of the day, and by bedtime he seemed ready for day 2.

After that just one more test for the Scroggins hoodlums (big and small) to endure, and we can all relax this weekend over a few games of baseball…I’m already looking forward to it.