This week marks the second round of STAAR Testing for Texas students.  Everyone is going through the same routine as they did for TAKS Testing, reviewing major concepts these last few weeks, cleaning classrooms, urging kids to eat nutritious dinners and breakfasts, and canceling after school activities to ensure a good night’s rest.  With all the controversy around this test this year, this week is a welcome end to a year of preparation.  I think (or hope) my students are mumbling the phases of the moon in their sleep, and I’ve seen my third grader wander around the house reciting his multiplication facts.  For him especially I’m glad this week is finally here.   The unknown of his FIRST REAL TEST has had him periodically anxious throughout the school year, and I hope after this week he can breathe a sigh of relief, relax, and enjoy the spring–baseball, wildflowers, and everything in between.

I plan to do the same–and to try not to think about how the scores will be ready at some faraway date in the Fall.