I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to do anything without an iphone for my personal assistant.  Now, I’m an organized person, and have always loved a calendar, beginning with my student planner back in the dark ages of pen and paper.  I threw a smallish fit when I moved to a Palm, but once it all came together in a phone/calendar/to do list option–with REMINDERS that DING at me, I was hooked.  Since we are Sprint People, we’ve been unable to become part of the iphone world until very recently, and as I discussed last week, I have one now.

There is no comparison.

At all.

In addition to the easy interface as compared to the Droid craziness I’ve been living in, it thinks of things to make my life easier in ways I’ve been BEGGING for!  My mails are merged.  My contacts are merged.  My calendars are merged, and sync without me asking them to do it!

Ok, so I know everyone already has an iphone, and I am literally the last one on the wagon about this, but my most most favorite part of my whole experience thus far is creating a family calendar through Google.  A genius friend told me of this feature, and since it is a Google feature, I’m sure I could have tried to make it happen with the Droid, but I’m guessing my screen would have cracked before I actually made it happen.  In creating this calendar, I’m able to add things to both my husband’s calendar and my own calendar, and keep our work calendars separate–all through some kind of sync magic.  I was actually already migrating to the Google world as far as Google Docs, Gmail, and Contacts–which by the way can all by synced on my fancy little life saving device.

When my whole world seems to be in the chaos of testing and baseball season, this little light of OCD happiness is literally making me shine.  :)