I feel like I talk a lot about my phone, or … technology issues here, but the fact is, I have a lot of phone AND technology issues that plague my daily life.

The most recent tragedy has been my EVO that would neither charge nor be fully touch screen operable.  I was FINALLY due for an upgrade last week, or rather my father-in-law was due for the upgrade.  Graciously, he acquiesed his opportunity to me, and I have now in my possession my very first iphone.

I think I am in love–I mean serious, heart-palpitating love.

The difference in an iphone and any-other-phone-at-all is incomparable.  I feel as though I have finally entered the new generation, and my learning cure this week has been exponential.  I don’t even know all I should know right now.

But, I’m willing to learn.  This phone might just be as life changing as TiVo, and that’s really saying something, because I credit TiVo with the key to proper marriage communication.

The possibilities…