This is our second official Youth Fair week to enter, and not only have we been old hats with photography and food entries, this year we entered RABBITS!  We have eight (8!!) rabbits in a massive hutch on our back porch, and have been dutifully weighing, watering, watching, and … feeding them for the past two months.  That’s one of the reasons we picked this particular animal–short shelf life.  We show two sets of three (one set for each hoodlum) on Thursday morning, and we will see what happens after that.  I’m hoping I just didn’t adopt eight pet rabbits, but I guess we will figure that out by the end of the week.  It’s been an ENORMOUS learning experience for the hoodlums, and to be honest, there have been a few tears of joy, pain, and frustration.  But, hopefully the hard work will pay off, or they will learn that they need to apply even MORE hard work in the future to ensure better success.

If you’ve never adventured out to the Youth Fair, take part this week.  Take your kids to see the animals, watch their peers show their animals, or see all the other amazing crafts, photographs, and fashions on display.  There are amazing opportunities in 4H, many more than I ever realized, and the lessons learned through independently speaking and being responsible for each project is priceless (insert mastercard commercial here).

It lasts ALL WEEK, so make your reservations now, or head on out every single day.  It’s small town fun at it’s finest.