Students and teachers survived the first day of STAAR Testing today, and I think it went well.  The day felt like any other testing day, with students entering class with pencils, water, goldfish, and erasers, and teachers reading instructions on exactly where and where not to bubble.  All of the hype seemed to fade into the background as everyone settled into their chair and began the business of taking a test.  In fact, with the new four hour time limit, the overbearing feeling of an “all day test” seemed to disappear.  Students finished in time for lunch, and were able to relax their brains in preparation for Day Two tomorrow.

Unfortunately, schools will not receive scores from these tests until the fall.  Personally, that unknown would drive me insane.  I loved those college classes that passed out test keys at the exit so we could grade our own tests immediately.  Watching all this new normal unfold makes me fret and worry about getting the three Scroggins Hoodlums through the next tenish years of school as productive, test passing members of society.

Honestly, should we wager on another educational change by that time?

Probably not, but for now we have Day One under our belts.  Check.  It feels good.