It looks like rain is headed our way.  I know some people worry and fret over thunderstorms, what with the high winds and lightning, but I love them.  It’s one of my favorite things to hear the winds howling, the rain crashing, and then to see my family snuggling.  Suddenly there are pillows, blankets and cozy spots all over the living room.  Popcorn is popped and diet coke is poured.  Well, if I was a supermom, I guess water or some other nutritious drink would be poured.  I’ll work on that.

Of course, the hoodlums think differently.  I have one future storm chaser, and another future storm shelter designer.  They both want cell phones for the mere fact of tracking the weather radar.  We have duck and cover plans and back up duck and cover plans.  I suppose the balance is good.  Perhaps they are the superkids, and I should just put them in charge.

Or not.  ;-)