I’ve always been obsessed with taking pictures, organizing pictures, and photobooking pictures.  But, with the invention of the digital camera, and well…blogging, I’ve relaxed a little in the organizing part of my picture mania.  I have intended to do a digital photo book for each year, but we always seem to be on a budget for one thing or another, and that gets shoved the bottom of the want list.  In addition, once we moved to Decatur, I stopped printing my digital pictures.  Before that time I’d been very diligent about “developing” them the same way old style film was developed.  As a result of all these new and fancy technologies, my pictures were a mess. And, I just hate messes, especially in the picture department.

Apple TV inspired my organizing marathon.  We’ve had the little Apple TV box for over a  year, and I’m not sure I could explain exactly how it works, but in plain terms, it talks to the computer, plays itunes, and runs a slideshow of our pictures on the TV.  I decided I wanted to see ALL our pictures (since the dawn of our digital camera), instead of just the pictures from the last four years.  So, I loaded all our pictures on the computer (from the CDs I’d made to ensure we’d always have them).  Over 12,000 pictures (yep, you read that right–obsessed, remember?) later, I have a slideshow showing baby pictures, vacation pictures, everyday pictures, and even boring out of focus pictures.  I have more editing to do, but I’m super happy with the results right now.  At least, I feel a little better about my picture organization.

Now, to get to those albums!