I’m not sure why my kids choose not to hear me the first one or TEN times I ask them to do something, but they don’t.  I find myself repeating and repeating and repeating my requests again and again and again.  After a while I even tune myself out.   I’ve tried a thousand ways to get their attention, but it seems to always come back to the 1-2-3.  For some reason, when I speak in numbers, they realize I have asked them to complete a task.  Unfortunately, they still don’t seem quite interested enough in my words of wisdom for my liking–so I find my voice rising and rising and rising with all the repeating and repeating and repeating.

You can imagine how much fun this is for all of us.

Recently, one of my brilliant friends told me that she counts down to one instead of up to three.  Her theory was that in counting down to zero, her girls always knew when the end was coming.  When she started at one, they tended to hope for an “extra” number tacked on to the end of three, and the warning didn’t seem as scary.  So, I tried it out on my own hoodlums, and I’m very eager to report that it seems to be working much better.  I still find myself repeating and repeating and repeating, but perhaps not as much when combined with the counting.  As a result, we all seem a little more stable–for now.

I’d love to hear some other supermom advice on this topic.  Let us know if you have a perfect trick to tame the natives!