This weekend my husband treated me to salon nails. I’ve been wanting to try them forever, but could never quite talk myself into spending the money or time to get them done every two or so weeks. But, I do love pretty fingernails–something I rarely have time to make happen. So, I finally have pretty nails. I’m really quite pleased about them and feel like I could wear stripes and plaid and still feel put together just because my fingernails look kept.

Only one problem.

I’m completely useless. I don’t know how I’m typing this post. Please don’t check the spelling too closely! I guess the “artificial” in the artificial nail really makes a difference. I can’t pick up anything that is flush with any surface, ie a credit card off the floor, magnets on the whiteboard at school, a single paper on a desk, etc. I can’t open cans, which as you know cuts into my diet coke addiction. I certainly can’t pull change out of my wallet, type or text with any clarity. I think I have single handedly added to the funnies in the “cell phone auto correct” world in just the last week. How do people do this?

But, they are so pretty. I might take a few more weeks of this. I mean, how important are my fingers anyway?