There really aren’t enough hours in the day. I know a lot of people say that, but there REALLY just are not.

I have to do lists that tell me what to write on other to do lists. It’s nuts. I’m nuts.

My worst time management strategy is to bring work home. I don’t do it often, but occasionally I will get caught up on an idea or task at school, and have to leave to do something motherly like feed the children. So, I’ll pack it up thinking there aren’t many chores on “the list” that night, and I will be able to sit leisurely on the couch and finish out my plans.

I’m so crazy.

NEVER does that happen! Tonight is a perfect example. I brought home my little to do planning to be super productive, and the minute we hit the door there was laundry to fold, dishwashers to empty, food to prepare, lunches to assemble, and clutter to put away. After baths, books, and life lesson lectures, I was spent. I’ll be lucky to finish this post, let alone plan whatever awesome lesson I created sometime this afternoon.

Just three more hours is all I need–an after afternoon would be just right. Until that happens, I’ll make a mental note to not be so overzealous with my time.

I’m sure I’ll listen. I always do.