I mentioned the visit to the Principal.  Kindergarten life in general is getting the best of the Scroggins House right now.  Granted, this isn’t a new phenomenon for us.  Both older kids had a rough year in kindergarten, too.  Something we do as parents makes that whole “transition to school” thing an actual “thing.”  So, I’m hoping and praying that if we just grin and bear it we can make the breakthroughs we need to make this year, and with a little maturity over the summer, next year will seem like cake.


Yes, that is my prayer.  But, in the meantime, we need to master handwriting, sight words, phonics dictation, self control, NOT fighting on the playground, and the most difficult of all…FOCUS.  How do you teach a kid to focus????  My youngest lives vividly from minute too minute in a world of pretend, talking to animals, people, and other alternative life forms as though we are all best friends.  When we work with his writing skills he has to be reminded to FINISH WRITING THE WORD.  How do you forget what you’re doing in the middle of a word???  Granted, he’s five, and I’ve said before It’s hard to be Five! But right now it’s hard to be the mom of a five-year-old.  Lord, give me the strength, patience and wisdom to survive.


And yet, I hear my husband’s stories of gradeschool, and I’m afraid I’m in for a few more years of hair-turning-gray days.  Again, Lord, please give me the strength.