I guess it had to happen.  With three children, eventually we would receive one of those pink slips of paper signed by the principal outlining an awesome behavior one of our children displayed in class.

For us, it was last Friday–and if you know me, know my children, or have just read around on this blog, you know which child it was.

#3.  The youngest.  The “100% Boy.”

His story is that there was a disturbance in the “force” at the lego station, and sharing became an issue.  Apparently he and another boy wanted the same piece, and there was a scuffle.  Not only did my youngest son call the other child a “squirrel” (a most offensive tactic in kindergarten), but he also raised his fists, and was ready to take the other child on.


You can imagine the consequences we had to create for this one.  This is our boy that lives in the land of pretend.  I mean he really lives in a world where he fights Jedi Masters, dinosaurs, and other “armies” minute after minute every single day.  He doesn’t require an actual toy, because he can create a gun out of any stick, branch, twig, leaf, or random plastic part out of my husband’s tool box.  Of course we had a conversation, outlining that fighting is not supposed to happen at school, and let’s leave it in our land of pretend.  I guess you could say this was our first “grounding” as well.  No video games for the weekend, among other things.

I hope it made an impact.  I’ll keep this referral for the scrapbook, but I really hope it’s the only one, although I fear it might not be.  If I can get all three of these hoodlums through childhood, through college and into adulthood I think I will deserve an Olympic Gold Medal of Mommyness.