Five minutes might seem like a small amount of time, but in the mornings at the Scroggins house it might as well be an entire hour.  There is an amazing amount of tasks we can complete in five minutes:  brushing hair on Kid A, brushing teeth on Kid B, dressing Kid C, pouring cereal for Kids A, B, and C, transfering clothes from the washer to the dryer…you get the idea.  Five minutes=many tasks.

So, when I see that I am five minutes late to school practically every single day, I acknowledge that it is an large amount of time, but I also have to give myself some credit for completing SO MANY things not only in five minute increments, but before 7:30 a.m. in general.  Seriously, the flies on the wall are having a ball watching our morning circus.

There is another curious note about the morning five minutes–no matter what time I wake up, I am consistently late those five minutes.  Even if I vary my morning activities and eliminate Steps 1, 2, or 3, I am late those five minutes.  I can add an additional thirty minute activity–like a morning workout, and I am still only late those five minutes.  It makes no sense, but I’m accepting it as fact.  At this point, this year, with this morning dynamic, five minutes is a critical time span-and I am powerless to change that.

The solution:  Start the school day at 7:35 instead.  :)