We have toyed with the idea of getting my daughter a cell phone, but just want to keep procrastinating that first step into the teenage world. Remembering all the terrible-no-good-very-bad days I had as a middle school student without instant technology, I’m dreading the side effects that no doubt come with this new right of passage. Plus, she has really only requested it a handful of times, so we are also thinking we should wait until it’s a MUST HAVE because then we will also win a few points as the cool parents that give in to the whims of their offspring every now and then. (Little do they know we had a plan all along!)

All this being said, it’s beginning to become a little inconvenient FOR ME that she is at times unreachable. This week she will be competing in UIL events, and will return to the school “between 6 and 7.” While I do love sitting in the school parking lot waiting for hours and hours, I can’t help but think there might be a more efficient use of my time. If the said cell phone were in play, she could text a more accurate arrival time in route. Yes, sometimes itt can be all about me.

In addition, tonight marked another milestone: the first phone call to a friend to work on homework. It was great to hear the studious banter back and forth discussing American History details, but since she was on my cell phone, my texting and face booking options were hindered. I survived, but it did spark a few additional thoughts on this whole cell phone necessity.

For now I think we are going to stick to the “let’s wait until middle school plan,” but I could also be a candidate for a bribe…