We’ve had some low key New Year’s Eves, and a handful of high key holidays.  And, between the two, I can’t really decide which is my favorite.  There was a time (in my much younger days) that I wanted New Year’s Eve to be fancy and magical and fantastically elaborate.  That was how the movies portrayed the parties, the dresses, and the dates.  Shockingly since my expectations were through the roof, those holidays were always a little less pep than the pep rally I had prepared for them.  When all the children came along, we had a series of very low key evenings, some with friends, some with new recipes, all with the intent of staying up to ring in the new year.  Sadly, I can remember one or two in those blurry years where my stinging, sleep deprived eyes won out.

Now that the children are turning into actual people, we have adventured back into the party world, which was wonderfully elaborate and made me feel almost grown up, but this year spent the evening at home with the kids, a great dinner, a movie, and a board game.  Both types of celebrating were great in their own way, and I think they were both my favorite.  Since I’m the sappy type, I always take a minute to look at the past year and think through all the adventures, trials, hardships, and blessings that seemed to happen in such a short time.  Perspective is unique in talking with friends or talking with your kids, and both perspectives help shape the hopes for the New Year.

As we finally snuggled down in our beds this morning to the tune of 1:30 a.m. (!!!) I thought of the new year, and the changes that stand before us.  By this time next year I’ll have a middle schooler, an almost-double-digiter, and (hopefully) a young super reader.  I’m guessing we will have added even more animals to the mix, and of course, we will have added memories to the master plan.  I’m looking forward to whatever lies before us, and next year’s celebration will be even sweeter for it–no matter what that celebration looks like!