I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere between adopting a puppy in our second year of marriage and now, we’ve added quite a few family members to the Scroggins Clan (not including the children of course.)  In an everyday setting, these little beasts add love and joy to our daily routine, but when we think of leaving for an extended amount of time, we suddenly realize all the dependents we actually have.

It’s taking a small army to herd our little zoo while we are gone, and in hindsight, we probably should have written down step by step instructions.  The cats are easy–they truly take care of themselves, well, except for the kittens.  You just never know when they might decide to climb a curtain or chew a TV cord.  The dogs are contained in the fence for the most part.  The one blind, old pup isn’t all that adventurous, but the younger, more energetic pooch enjoys jumping a fence or two when the wind gives him the idea.  I think between the three babysitters, they should be fine.  The fish and the hamster are truly self sufficient, with food enough to last a few days, providing the cats don’t decide to make them the food.  Hopefully we’ve taken enough security precautions to release that worry as well.  So, that just leaves the turtle.  I was actually given the turtle recently, and will tell you I know nothing on turtle personalities.  I’m not sure if he’s happy in his little habitat.  There are no tubes or wheels to run in like the hamster, or fun plants to hide in like the fish, so he just wanders from one side to the other looking around, sleeping, and occasionally taking a swim.  There aren’t any slow-release turtle food items out there (is that a possible money maker?), so I’m hoping he can go a few days between snacks.  I mean, how often does a turtle “in the wild” actually eat?

So, after working all that out, I think we have it covered.  Either we have big hearts with lots of room for animal love, or we are the biggest suckers out there.  Either way, we love our rodents, reptiles, fish, and other mammals.  Be good guys!!  We’ll bring you a snowball.  :)