The whirlwind of the holidays are coming to an end, and for those of us in the Decatur school system still have an entire week to recover.  Some people are planning mini-getaways to visit family, to visit someplace warmer, or even to visit the slopes.  We are looking to adventure to the latter for the first Scroggins Ski Trip.  To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous to take our three hooldums to the moutains, balance them on wooden sticks, and send them downhill–just a little nervous.  Our oldest already has her ski legs, but the boys will be learning.  The will be learning how to walk in ski boots, sludge through the snow, and ride the lift.  O my goodness, I hope this works out!

Today we tried on the entire ski outfits from under armor to turtle necks to goggles.  Man, it takes a lot of clothes to ski.  I had to convince my middle child-the one that refuses to wear all winter clothing-that all the layers were necessary, and he needed to adapt.  Quickly.  I almost want to make him wear the layers for the next few days so he will be used to it.  Right now all the puffy clothes are piled around my bedroom, and somehow I’m going to make them fit in my car for the drive up there.  Wow.  This is going to be an adventure!