I’m that person.  The person who ALWAYS has technical difficulties.  At school, I keep the tech department hopping.  My computer won’t toggle back and forth with the document camera.  The speakers are fuzzy.  The laptop cart won’t charge.  The lights in the classroom are blinky.  I can’t get my Prezi to work.  The DVD won’t play sound-the video part is fine, just the sound part.  You name it, I’ve had the issue.  Hopefully they love me for the mere fact that all the problems I have are evidence that I use the technology.  That’s what I tell myself at least.  At home, I’ve gone through a few cell phones.  I think I’ve mentioned this.  I’ve run over one with a car (but just one!)  One of the babies drooled a little too much on another one and shorted it out.  I’ve dropped a few, and apparently the smart phones don’t like that.  Most recently, I’ve broken the connection where the phone charges, so I have a back up battery and a separate battery charger and I switch out batteries daily.  I try to watch TV, and either my husband has a much too complicated system, or it’s user error on my part.  I vote for the complicated system.

And now, my disease hit the blog.  For the past week I’ve had issues making my posts actually post, which when blogging is most important.  I called in the tech-experts, and hopefully we have fixed an tech issues, and I’m working on the user part.  Either way, I’m able to upload my thoughts again.  And, isn’t it funny…those days I wasn’t able to post, I had the most bloggable thoughts?  Of course, they are gone now, but they were good thoughts!!

I could blame it on the fact that we are still in school on the 20th OF DECEMBER.  But, I won’t…not this minute anyway.