Every year when it gets cold I think we should have stocked up on gloves, scarves, hats, and thermal undewear.  But, every year I decide not to spend the extra cash on items we “only use a few days a year.”  But today?  Today of this year?  We are freezing our phalanges off!!  Even my hot-natured middle child, who refuses to wear a jacket of any sort even when ice is falling from the sky, is cold.  I’m not complaining; I’m really not, because it does just seem like a few weeks ago that we were sweating our phalanges off in the 100 degree sweltering heat.  I’m just wishing either we could stock up some warmth for now, or that I’d had the sense to purchase those winter items.

Next year!  Next year is the year the Scroggins Clan will be prepared for the Arctic Frost that invades a few days a year!!

On a different note, pack up those winter items so you can watch the Christmas Parade in Decatur this Thursday night beginning at 6:30.  Stores will be open late, so bring your shopping list as well!  As long as we all have hats and mittens, we should be ok.  The Scroggins’ will be the ones shivering on the side of the street, gloveless.