Over the holiday break, I clicked around on Pinterest.  I’d heard people talking about the site for a few months, but felt it really applied to those crafty types-of which I am not in the club.  When people discussed it, they mentioned looking for odd and end items like mason jars, Altoid boxes, and old wine bottles.  Since I am the opposite of a hoarder, I couldn’t imagine looking for such things and holding on to them “just in case I was inspired.”  But, we had a few hours in the car over the holidays, so I gave in to peer pressure, and logged on.

Now, I’m completely addicted.  In fact, I clicked over there for just a minute while writing this post, and lost thirty more minutes.

Yes, there are crafty, do-it-yourself things, but there are also great ideas for the house, organization, kids, the backyard, and just life in general.  I have even created a few boards of my own and “re-pinned” some ideas.  I was so excited about some of them that we spent the entire day today having a family work day around the house; I almost feel like I have a few new closets after implementing some super-fun ideas I found on the site.  I have even pinned a few crafty ideas. I don’t know if I’ve totally  to this new trend, but I’m definitely well on my way.  Check it out!  See what you should pin!