Kids have the most amazing ability to fall asleep.  It’s like they have super powers to fight fatigue, but when it finally sets in WHAM! They are knocked out. 

We have the same nightly routine most nights:  Read books, tell stories, say prayers, snuggle.  Repeat.  I’ll watch my five-year-old fight his way through his stories and prayers until he’s just muttering words that he’s trying to string together into a cohesive sentence.  His eyes will flutter slowly until they look like they each have a ten pound weight on them.  Finally, he’s out.  A fire truck could literally drive through his room and he would not budge. 

I have to admit, I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of his ability to crash, and his ability to stay crashed.  I have no such skills.  Not even close.  I lie awake rerunning my day in my head and when I finally fall asleep I wake up all too early planning the day ahead.

Oh to be five again, and to sleep.  Those were the days.  :)