Swallowing pills has to be one of the hardest skills to teach.  My kids are just now approaching the age where we can adventure into actual REAL meds for allergies, headaches, etc.  The jump is nice because I’m definitely not a fan of the sticky bottle of bubble gum flavored goo in my purse–even bubble gum flavored goo that I’ve so smugly put in a baggie hoping to avoid a mess.  It’s a mess.  It’s always a mess.   Baggie or No Baggie.  So yes, pills are a step up.  But let me tell you, potty training, tying shoes, and pill swallowing…these are the skills noone tells you are difficult to teach.  They are.  I think it’s because as a grown-up, these skills are everyday tasks, not anything you would consider needing a talent to complete.  But it does–just take a page from the book of one just learning the pill swallowing technique:

Mommy:  “Put the pill towards the back of your mouth.”

2nd Grader:  “But it’s choking me!”

Mommy:  “It won’t.  Now, take a big drink of water, and pretend the pill is just water and let it go down with it.”

2nd Grader:  **spitting up/choking/coughing sounds**

Mommy:  “You didn’t pretend the pill was water.”

2nd Grader:  “That’s because it’s NOT WATER.”

Mommy:  “That’s why you PRETEND.”

**Repeat until skill mastery or until the tears win.**