These are words I never thought I would hear my daughter say.  And, I have to admit, I when she said them yesterday I almost fell over and fainted on the spot.  Granted, she was referring to her own-self-made “artist binder,” not her school work or her room, but it was nice to hear her that she actually thought to put all her pencils in one place, or her paper in one place.  I can’t help but be hopeful that maybe, just maybe she received at least one of my OCD organizational genes.  I’ve already been fretting and worrying on how she would manage in middle school. As of now, she can’t seem to get from my car to the classroom without losing a paper, so I can’t imagine the kinks a LOCKER will throw into the mix.  So right now my hopes just skyrocketed that perhaps she is capable of learning how folders, binders, and pencil bags work.

**crossing my fingers, and knocking on wood as I type this.**