I think everyone in North Texas, perhaps all of Texas, has a little Ranger fever right now.  The Scroggins boys have it really bad, and are even making career choices with the Rangers in mind.  Tonight as we watched Game 5, my third grader gave me filled me in on his research.

So far, he has discovered that professional baseball players make a few million dollars a year.  He said he was good with that, and would even share a million with me if he made more than two million a year.  He’s a sweetie.  When we played with blocks, I really stressed that “I get one, you get one” thing.  Anyway, he then went on to tell me that he hadn’t quite discovered how many years of college were needed for the career, and was still researching that.  He figured it was at least one, but hoped he could still be an Aggie graduate despite his major league status.  I just nodded in agreement.  Hopefully that college thing will stick as much as the sharing thing.  The last thing he wants to research is other famous baseball players.  He of course knows ALL the Rangers, but figures there is at least two or three other baseball players that could fall into the “famous” category.

He also mentioned that he needs a few more Rangers tshirts to truly be a ‘big’ fan.  I’m on it–anything to get closer to that one million a year just for me!