Yes, those words were spoken in my house this evening.  Don’t you think those particular words deserves some kind of exclamation?  Be it a point or at least some inflection?  Apparently, the family dog and the eldest child in the family did not think so.  In the most matter of fact tone, we were informed that yes, indeed there was an armadillo in the house, and it was the most stressed out creature I have ever seen.

I think it was one of those “only in Texas” moments.  Or, maybe it was a “small town living in the country” moment.  But, if it wasn’t either of those, it was definitely a “Scroggins Crazy Family Moment.”  I guess we breed those left and right around these parts.

I was tucking the boys into bed.  My daughter was procrastinating her own bedtime, and my husband was coming back into the house from taking out the trash.  The armadillo followed.  It followed him right on in the house, and my daughter looked behind my husband, and without missing a beat thre out a “Hey, there’s an armadillo behind you.”

My super sonic Mom hearing heard those words, and I bolted to the kitchen to watch exactly how this was going to go down.  There’s not really a perfect set of directions out there to follow for this particular circumstance.  So, we screeched, shook the heebie-jeebies out, grabbed a broom, and swept him out of the house.  Reading that makes it seem easy, but it was not. easy. at. all.

*Total Body Shake*

I suppose in some small way, it’s our own fault.  We’ve seen this armadillo many, many times before, and in fact, he has been feasting on whatever lives under our grass for about a month.  Since neither my husband nor I are hunters or gatherers, we haven’t had the heart to send it to armadillo heaven.  But, we didn’t invite him in either.  Hospitatlity is a fine line sometimes…a very fine line.

But, next time, let’s hope the family freaks out just a little more.  Or screeches.  This was definitely a screechable moment.