We are really, really tired at the Scroggins House.  I don’t know that it can be helped when we’ve signed up three kids for one fall sport each, and a handful of other activities to guide their “other education.”  We aren’t the family taking every kind of lesson offered, but we are involved.  Really involved.  I’ve always been a joiner, wanting to be “plugged in” to whatever element of my life I’m in, and now I suppose I’m “plugging the kids in.”  But, truly, we actively try to NOT overschedule ourselves.  I think the sheer number of three is what is wearing us out this time. 

Today, from three seperate members of the Scroggins Clan, there were requests for Family Movie Night on the Cozy Couch.  If we can just get through tomorrow, we can circle the wagons Friday night.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.