Because we don’t have enough crazy in our lives with the three kids, one dog, one cat, and fish running around the house, this weekend we fell in love and welcomed two new baby kittens to the family.  It was love at first sight, so we can’t really be blamed.  We fell victim to their cuteness spell, and for me, I fell victim to a “he looks just like my favorite cat” spell.  They snuggled in our laps and on our shoulders while we visited with friends Friday night, and before we knew it, we were calling Gran, and hoping she wanted a few “barn cats.”  But, since they are so sweet and cute, and Gran is headed out of town for the week, they are snuggled in and quite cozy in my room. 

And, they are just the cutest.  I do love welcoming the new members of the family, and the snugglier, the better. 

The crazy comes later.  I just never learn that part.