My youngest hoodlum:  He’s going to make me old before my time.

-He spent three weeks in the hospital when he was one:  E.  Coli.

-He knocked out a tooth shortly after that.

-He broke his arm when he was two.

-He climbed out of his crib before the broken arm; we heard the THUD from downstairs.

-He doesn’t understand why he can’t ride the Superman at Six Flags or the Zipper at Reunion.

-He can’t wait to play football because he wants to “tackle someone and hit the other players as hard as he can.”

-He never ceases his imaginary warfare-with loud, descriptive sound effects.

-He thinks the jetpacks for the Star Wars costumes in the Halloween costumes will really help him fly.

-He jumped on top of a basketball to “jump higher.”  That didn’t work out quite like he thought.

-He shaved his chin last week.

-He tried to run away on Friday. 

And that just barely, and I mean barely, scratches the surface. He’s five.  We’ve got a long, long road ahead.