For all of the crazy, embarrassing moments my children bring me, there are a few shiny heart-warming moments that make me feel that perhaps, just perhaps this parenting thing might just work out.

Last week, I received three, THREE (3!!!) compliments about the hoodlums, and as luck would have it, one for each of them.  Someone must have known I was hitting rock bottom with the pre-pre-adolescence, the middle child drama, and the youngest’s tantrums.  That Someone is super smart. 

So, since I do broadcast their mistakes quite often, I thought they were due for a little polishing and bragging on this little forum.  First, one of my friends complimented my oldest on her very “grown up” conversation skills and manners.  I was FLOORED!  This is something we work on all.the.time.  For some reason she feels that reverting to toddler-speak is cute, and I’m constantly reminding her that it so is not.  But, the lectures must have sunk in.  When I was not around, she used her practiced good manners, and actually used them very well.  Wow.

The Middle Guy was complimented on his writing skills, but more importantly the message in his writing.  His class was assigned to write about “the most important thing about them as a person.”  My son, the most sensitive eight-year-old on the planet, wrote that the most important thing about him was “being him.”  I totally agree, and am so proud.  Wow.

And finally, after a mildly bumpy start to kindergarten, last Thursday, my crazy man’s teacher greeted me with a very happy smile, and told me he was having a great day.  I’ll take it.  It’s not much, but I’ll take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Yay.  and Wow.

My cup runneth over.