We have one week of the new school year under our belt, and tonight are tucked in early to start the second week.  I have to admit, last week was a cyclone of activity and anticipation at the Scroggins House.

My kindergartener spent the week learning how to hold a bubble in his mouth to keep the words from escaping in the hall.  I wish I could implement this handy little strategy in all areas of our life, like riding in the car or shopping at The Wal Marts, but he promises it’s just for school.  He’s pumped to learn how to read this year, and was a little disappointed he didn’t get to go to the library last week to check out his own book that undoubtably he will be able to read on his own.  I guess he figures kinder has some kind of reading magic that will make him as cool as his skilled sibling readers.  Hopefully that all works out this week.

My third grader quietly found a place in his class, and thankfully mastered two step math problems.  He spent the summer worrying and fretting over the difficulty of such problems, certain he would not master them in any way, shape or form.  No amount of counseling or tutoring on my part would calm his nerves.  Nope.   It was the delicate words of his wise teacher this past week that helped him over that hurdle into his first third grade math quiz.  His only disappointment?  No homework.  He gets that from me.  In second grade I made up my own homework because I was so saddened by the lack of at-home assignments.  Nerds rule.

And, my fifth grader.  Did I mention I’m one of her teachers this year?  Yep.  So far so good, no apparent permanent damage, but we’ve still got quite a few weeks to go.  She seems to have settled into the fifth grade routine, looking towards the scary sixth grade world ahead of her.  She’s even promised to stay organized, carry her folders in her backpack, and work like a “real student” this year.  I just nodded in agreement, holding onto that “organized” part for dear life.

So there you have it.  1-Reading ASAP, 2-Homework ASAP, and 3-”Real Student Organization.”

My world would be just a little giddy if all this really pans out.