It’s that time again!  Tonight we made lunches (I haven’t missed that all summer!), gathered backpacks and laid out First Day Outfits.  The hoodlums were a little jittery at bedtime, taking FOREVER to settle down and fall asleep.  We said extra prayers for our new teachers and for a great year.  (I said extra extra prayers for the teachers!)

All three of my hoodlums will be in school this year, with my baby starting kindergarten (sniff, sniff).  On one hand, it will be great to have all my ducks in one pond, but on the other hand, I have no more babies (sniff, sniff).  He’s off and on excited–maybe a little nervous, but pumped to be a “big boy.”  I wish I had time to dab my eyes in the morning with the other moms at the Boo Hoo Breakfast, but I’ll just grab a tissue and go.  I’ve got my own students to meet and greet!

I hope everyone has a fantastic first day, and a wonderful school year.  :)